Frequently Asked Questions

We here at Born Spicy, always try our best to put up a clear picture on the types of produce we normally cater. We certainly do get a number of different queries from our customers. In this FAQ section, we are trying to clarify all the questions to the best of our abilities.

We will try to shed here some light on the definitions of organic farming. And we are going further more revealing answers to questions on the types of certifications, labelling, various market regulations, market information and more.

1. What are organic products?

The best of organic products are all certified from the concerned authorities and every part of its manufacturing, packaging, and handling comes under scrutiny and certification. The product has to be in tune with the organic food produce standards. It is only then we label and ship it as an organic produce fresh from our production.

3. What do we mean by certification of our Organic Food Products?

This certification process is rather divided into two basic parts. The first part consists of inspection or verification of the production process. This is strictly done in accordance of the prevailing standards that we maintain at Born Spicy. We track and control every flow of our produce in each stage of preparation. The next certification comes as the final certification declaring every standard was in practise both during production and later on during handling and packaging.

5. How does our Labelling Helps?

Our labels on all our produce are an assurance the products have been strict to ball the adherence from the kitchen to the market. All the organic products are market worthy. We must state here; customers may find various labels of the same product like we produce of other manufacturers. This is as, it changes in accordance of certification bodies, the standards followed and the market where it gets sold.

2. How organic farming helps and what is it?

This happens to be a very holistic way of defining but indeed organic agriculture has to be seen as a whole than in parts. All in all, it helps the promotion and enhancement of biodiversity, various biological cycles including that of the soil where it is all grown. There is no use whatsoever of any synthetic materials. The produce thus obtainable is rich, extremely healthy and very environment friendly. We use this produce to manufacture our food products.

4. Who carries out the certification of all the organic Products?

Born Spicy has its own certification body that it diligently follows. More details are available on our website. We cater to a specific market ensuring all our certifications are to the point and serves the best interest of the customers.

6. Where to get and gather more information on the various markets of such products?

There are fortunately various organisation and bodies on the internet which whole-heartedly produce much information on availability of markets. The information acts as wonderful sources to draw an outline and understand the basic nature of demands for organic products.

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