Refund And Return Policy

Born Spicy offers a 100% money back guarantee for our customers. We understand, you as customers may not have the full levels of satisfaction. It is in these circumstances; we offer to provide a 100% refund policy. These are though without the usual delivery or other wrapping charges. Normally within the span of 15 days, all refunds head back counting from the date of delivery.

Concerning all the food items we offer, the pickup arrangement is made at the earliest. The replacement of items like pickles, chutneys, various blends, cakes and others are on way as soon as we receive the items through our courier.

Now we must highlight here, Born Spicy only completes all replacement with proper availability of stocks.

We accept a wide range of payment procedures. These are like;

To reach our valuable customers we greatly rely on our courier partners. All major Indian courier services we happen to use to ship our parcels. For our customers ordering online, we provide shipping information regarding their booking, courier name, tracking ID and live tracking facilities. Normally our courier services complete the delivery of an order within 3 to 5 days of our customers ordering.

Feel free to contact us on an immediate basis if you are having doubts or genuine concerns on the order you have just placed. We will take it up straightaway and will not move away from it until it reaches a solution. Feel free to contact us at our customer care number (text) or you may also write to us at the following mail id (text)

There’s always a situation of ‘IF’ arising in the business of online ordering and delivering of food items. There are instances when customers want to return a product without breaking open the box or seal. We do take back such products with the provision of full refund to the customer. We may also offer to exchange the product for another kind of the same nature or even costing less.

However, a customer must not or cannot ask for replacement or return of the same product twice. We restrict our return procedures per customer only thrice.

If an item is subjected to the following conditions, we do not accept a return nor do we allow a replacement.

We hope so far we have been able to provide a proper picture regarding our refund and return policies.

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