Shipping Policy

So here we will try to throw some light to the best of our abilities on how do we go about making the orders reach the homes of our customers. We are quick on our services, thus verify as soon as someone places an order. We do this by calling and confirming the order along the place of delivery and the appropriate time to deliver.

We however need a minimum order value so that we can deliver the requested food products. It must be of mention here; we take the maximum care while packaging. We have also taken some innovative routes. It is for this; we have zero waste policy in practice. We use glass jars, cotton cloth bags and the likes for our organic food product delivery. We are really aiding the environment to heal from the onslaught of plastics and other harmful packing products.

We very much like to make the buying procedures of any product completely hassle free. Shipping and packaging are duly on course no sooner we receive an order from a customer. Within 1-2 days depending on the distance, the order goes out to our customers.

If we can, we very much try to ship orders on the day itself. Before processing an order, we of course check the following duly, these are;

We can however be hard pressed with orders during holidays and other festive seasons. We ask our customers to kindly bear with us during such periods of increase in orders. Within a maximum of 3 days, most of the orders reach the concerned addresses. However, there can be exceptions and unforeseen problems of the following kinds during shipping;

You can surely track all that we ship through the details that we normally email. The tracking code of the package is enclosed in the mail. If you have further queries regarding this, just drop in us a line.

Cancellation of orders isn’t something out of the ordinary. For instance, we can receive an email about a cancellation after it has undergone packaging and processing. But once orders undergo placement at Born Spicy, cancellation is not entertained. To accept any kind of cancellation, we still charge a rate from the total amount. Cancellations can be normally made within an hour or two of placement. That is when the order is still showing as ‘pending’.

Do get in touch with us with our customer support team at the earliest if you are cancelling an order. You need to drop us an email stating the number of the order. We will take it up from there.

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