Terms And Conditions

Born Spicy will try to disclose here all the terms and conditions to the best of its abilities. Please also go through our website that will make understanding our terms and conditions as stated a lot easier. As soon as you are placing any order with us, our terms and conditions come into effect straightaway. But do take into account the following points of importance:

Born Spicy has full control and authority over any kind of changes that we may bring on in the terms and conditions in the near future. If you happen to be a customer of our food products and not quite in tune with the terms, do inform us. As in such circumstances we will cancel or discontinue your order.

We always advise our customers to open an account with us for easy buying and check out. The minimum age criteria are of course 18 years to qualify as a buyer with us. Some also term this as ‘signing up’.  We do not sell on credit and customers are to buy from us through any of the payment methods of cheque or cash on delivery and even debit card or through net and phone banking.

We request our customers to provide complete information and that too correct. Should you be changing any of your provided information during registration, inform us immediately.

Do prepare and use a proper password to login every time you visit our site. Keeping your password safe and secure without disclosing it to anyone will work for your own benefit. If under any circumstances you believe your password is under threat, notify us immediately so that we can take adequate measures.

We do not dispatch our products at Born Spicy unless they are paid for by our customers. Even if one does not pay at the time of ordering, then one has to pay at the time of delivery. Once an order gets cancelled, the paid amount can be refunded. However if a order has already made its way out, and then cancellation takes place, a customer still has to make for the products in full or by part.

We are underlining time and again, we do have full rights to go with an order or cancel an order altogether.

Once you place an order with us, it will only attain completion with an email issue from our side. The email stands as a proper confirmation of the food items you want to purchase from Born Spicy. Every product we sell is however subject to availability. For customers coming to purchase after a gap can find prices to change also. We also have food products that solely get sold on the account of weight. Weight happens to be an approximate measure and the price will be very much dependant on that value.

All in all we maintain a strict policy for every product we make and sell. Kindly adhere to all the terms and also know the display of all the content in our website is Born Spicy’s property. Anyone is forbidden to copy or replicate our contents.

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