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Things To Keep In Mind For Pickles To Last For A Long Time

Pickles have great importance in Indian food. Pickles are made in every house and are kept for a long time. But the biggest concern before the people is to get mould in a pickle. Yes, mistakes made while making and filling pickles can ruin your pickle. Today, in this episode, we are going to tell you about the precautions to be taken while making pickles and filling so that your pickle does not get funky and it lasts for a long time.

Be it your mango pickle recipe or any of the associated pickles, it is always important to keep in mind some of the topics as a part of maintaining your favourite pickles.

Cause of Bad Pickle

  1. The main reason for spoiling pickles is moldiness. This problem can also occur due to the moisture remaining in the pickle material.
  2. The oil surface above the pickle prevents the pickle from deteriorating. Pickle may deteriorate due to insufficient oil on the pickle.
  3. The utensils and spoons etc. used in making pickles are not completely clean, then this pickle can become bad.
  4. There is a possibility of pickle spoilage and mildew due to stain spots on pickle making ingredients like Kerry, Lemon, Amla, etc.
  5. Pickle has to be stirred initially, pickle may spoil it.

Things To Keep In Mind when making pickles

  1. Take full care of cleanliness.
  2. Do not keep moisture in anything like pickle-making vegetables and spices.
  3. Vegetables should be fresh and without stains.
  4. Spices like red chilli and turmeric etc. can be burnt by pouring hot oil in pickle and pickle can become black, so add spices only when the oil is lukewarm or cold.
  5. If you are making sweet pickles, it is very important to have enough thick syrup.
  6. Pickles do not spoil quickly even if there is the right amount of salt in the pickle.
  7.  Oil, salt, sugar, asafetida, and vinegar, etc. are used for preservation conservation in pickles.
  8. Pickles are not spoiled even in plastic jars, but they are not good for health, so try to take the glass jar to fill the pickle.
  9.  Before filling the pickle, wash the container thoroughly with detergent and warm water, clean it, and fill it only after it dries completely.

Even if you opt for making green chilli pickle, you need to wash them properly and once completing the entire process need to put in an empty glass jar without having any moisture.

How To Maintain Your Pickles?

  1.  After making the pickle, keep the pickle covered with muslin cloth for two to three days in the sun so that the pickle moisture gets removed and the pickle does not spoil for a long time.
  2. Pickles can get spoiled quickly even if there is moisture in the pickle spices, so fry the spices a little before making pickles or keep them in the sun and remove the moisture.

Pickles are made in many ways such as oily pickles, oiled pickles, sweet pickles. Some pickles are made for a month and some pickles are used throughout the year.

  1.  Salt in pickles acts as a preservative. Pickles can be spoiled even when the salt content is low.
  2.  In oil pickles, it is necessary to keep the pickle immersed in oil, even in small containers. This prevents fungus.

While making sweet pickles, there should be no water in the pickle. If you are making pickles with sugar syrup then it is necessary to cook as much as one wire of syrup.

Pickle from a large container to a small glass container for daily use, it does not spoil the pickle quickly and it is also convenient to use.

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