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Why Should Pickles Be A Part of Your Diet?

Craving for something tangy? What better way than satisfying your taste buds with delicious pickles. Such addition to your meal will not only satiate your craving but will also ensure nutritional health benefits.

Besides lending that tangy and spicy flavour to your food and enhancing its taste, pickles have several other associated benefits. We can trace it back to the time when our dadis and nanis used to make pickles adding natural flavours to it.

They make sure that the seasonal produce do not go in vain along with their nutritional value. Pickles are also valued by several nutritionists as they are a great source of vitamin k, vitamin d, vitamin a and what not.

They not only add taste and flavour to the food but also help in the digestive processes of the body.

Below are some of the benefits of having pickles in your diet.

Pickles Are Actual Vegetables

Pickles are made from raw cucumbers, and while the fermentation process changes their nutritional profile a bit, pickles are still definitely a legit veggie. One dill pickle spear counts as 1/4 cup of your recommended vegetable intake for the day, according to Livestrong.

Drinking Pickle Juice Can Soothe Muscle Cramps

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, skipping the pickle and sipping on the juice soothed muscle cramps in dehydrated men. Healthline reports that just 1/3 of a cup of the briny juice was all it took to have a positive effect on muscle soreness, which may be partially due to the potential pain-relieving effects of vinegar.

Get Some Antioxidants

Healthline reported that pickles contain natural antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and while cooking can break down some of these heat-sensitive nutrients, the fermentation process preserves their nutritional profile and antioxidant power. Healthline also notes that pickle juice, the brine, can boast even higher amounts of the free radical-fighting and immune-boosting antioxidants C and E.

Pickles May Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Down

HuffPost reports that eating fermented foods like pickles with your meal may help prevent blood sugar spikes, thanks to the vinegar content, according to a recent study. So adding pickled and fermented foods to meals could be beneficial for their blood sugar, including people with diabetes.

Help Restless Legs

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, pickle juice is a traditional folk remedy that can help with treating restless leg syndrome, though the reasons why are still a bit unclear. The high concentration of electrolytes may have a role in soothing those symptoms.

Don’t Forget The Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that offer lots of benefits when consumed, Healthline reports. These beneficial bacteria offer all sorts of health perks, from better skin to increased cardiovascular health, and cultured foods like pickles are teeming with the lovely little bugs. There is a caveat though: according to Healthline, pickles fermented in vinegar don’t have probiotic effects, so for maximum health benefits, choose pickles fermented in a brine of salt and water.

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